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Lunges work your legs and glutes. Pushing a 6 foot, pound guy into doing soccer is not going to be what he might want to do. The nearer you get to obvious abs, the slower your fat misfortune gets until it's at long last at a creep. Sit ups and crunches work your central abdominal muscles. Masculine hard body at the beach. Only Editorial Filters by editorial images, which excludes images with model releases. Many people have six-pack abs which are completely hidden by a layer of fat.

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One great exercise which hits your legs and glutes while simultaneously using your hips, back, and abs as secondary muscle groups is the lunge.

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What Is The Best Workout For A Young Teen Trying To Stay Healthy?

Muscular model man on gray background. Young woman in sporty lingerie standing on black background. To lose belly fat so that your abs will show, you'll need to lose fat all over. Those last 10 pounds are brutal. Also, most people answering here put the thing as a kind of selection between being fit or being smart. Each time you reach the top of your crunch, hold this position for a second or two, then let yourself down slowly and repeat. Terrified of a two-piece?

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