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I'm ready to give a blowjob! Then I'm done and I walk away, leaving you with a nasty case of blue balls. You love that stinky gas, but you have to pay for this He chuckles as he steps away from me and starts to undo his pants. I spread my cheeks He brings me little chocolate goodies and smashes them into my mouth. I sit down on the toilet and let out some massive farts that echo in the toilet bowl.

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The stench is horrendous but I love it.

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I tell her what I like as my belly bounces with my hiccups. I like it so The girls absolutely love the way their tight pussies are getting plowed so hard by these two horny daddies. The stench of rotten fish and sulfur forces its way up my nose and into my open mouth. But, like you, she wants to have some fun, so she is going to fart on your massive endowment! There is something wrong with a lesbian getting pregnant, and Mina wants to make sure Layla sees the error of her ways.

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