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I was so prepared for the challenge as we walked to his car that night. Her mother intended to scare her straight — and she did. Would have created a central repository at the Department of Public Safety for race-related data collected from Texas law enforcement and created a standardized method for collecting the information. As the hours continued to pass, it was debated with about 10 different men and women. That is … until one terrible night when the subject of spanking came up. What Did and Did Not Pass.

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Revamps state workers' compensation system, creating new doctor networks and increasing benefits to injured workers.

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Parents should have more legal leeway in spanking: London mayor

However, I think the debate should still go on and that we should all learn from each other what we can. Even when the behavior has been wildly disobedient, I simply will not rule with that type of reaction. She was a hot mess! A bill to ease overcrowding in prisons has the go-ahead. Attempts to ease crowding at Texas prisons by reducing probation terms for felons from 10 years to five. Her mother intended to scare her straight — and she did.

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