What the fuck is that song

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I'm shinning Like a motherfucker Vvs it blanking Steve earkle by the tongue That purple steady stankin You talking yo the deckin I got swag I got juice See me in that bentley coupe Right from runnin shoot You be running when I shoot I be shooting where you running 'Kon got me out the streets Told me dolla get the money Now I'm the club Stunting like la, la, la, la Laughing at these cow niggas Like ha, ha, ha, ha Look you fucking with a winner Stripping lobster for dinner Bet you any game You other just beginners In my d-oy stancebout To pop a rubber band Fuck that fighting in the club You nigga fuckin' up my plans I'm tryna get a dance her name And her number taker her To the telly get some brain In the hummer You niggas make it rain my dollar Make it thunder album coming soon Bitch get ready for the summer.

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