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Come Again Many Happy Returns: Are You Getting Old? I guarantee you'll love and enjoy every moment with me. Even the best of them have a clunker of an album. So today the car started right up with no problem 6 mins later it just completely shut off. Save Ferris is the best live band I have ever seen, and if I don't get to see at least one more show, I am going to be very 'put out.

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Valley of the Gallery of Dolls.

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Say it aint so 1997 suck

You don't know how bad I wanted a formal announcement, so that more people could have said goodbye, Im sorry for that. I can travel anywhere and am professional. Van Halen Video Game performer: We did it without radio, and without MTV, it was because of you guys! It's not the sound that's changed as much as it is the feeling. Say It Ain't So Truth is dead.

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say it aint so 1997 suck
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say it aint so 1997 suck
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