How not to be an asshole

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An alpha male embraces the label because he secretly suspects that he might be a face full of dicks and he needs a way to spin that into a positive thing. So I can bear it. The third situation is when two assholes come to a business negotiation. The best thing I've done following my marriage imploding and subsequent divorce was closely examine how my behavior contributed to my divorce and intentionally seek out explanations for how—despite how uncomfortable it sometimes made and continues to make me feel—my choices were largely responsible for the relationship's death and depriving my young son of a better life with his family intact. In the end, they assembled a list of 4, words that describe all the crap humans do.

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Does it pay to be nice?

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How To Stop Being An Asshole

The more you focus on the bad side of the world the more screwed up it seems. The urgent desire to learn how to stop being an asshole all the time often comes because people are oblivious to their own behavior for years. Seriously, get rid of people and other influences that are bringing you down. The next project was to start going through the list and grouping them into large categories that encompassed as many words as possible. For the birds are hungry, and they feed on injustice. This is the same kind of thinking hate groups and terrorist organizations use to justify hate speech, discrimination, kidnapping, rape and violent murder—sometimes on a massive scale.

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how not to be an asshole
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how not to be an asshole
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